Sea Salt

Dishes that Look Great with Fleur de Sel

This flakey, moist salt, which is produced in France, is mostly used a dramatic finishing touch to increase the elegance of a dish. After you buy fleur de sel, you may be wondering what are some of the best ways to put this gourmet salt to best use.

Whatever you do, don’t use it in pasta water or while baking. It shouldn’t even be used to season meat, poultry or fish before cooking. In order to taste (and see!) the full benefits of fleur de sel, experts advise using it to finish off a dish and wow your dinner guests with your fabulous presentation.

Here are just a few ideas for dishes that look amazing with just a dash of fleur de sel on top.

1. ) Any seafood

Pan-fried trout, oven-baked salmon, or grilled fish all benefit greatly from a sprinkle of fleur de sel before serving.

2.) Rare lamb or steak

If you like your meat bloody, then take it to another level by adding chunks of fleur de sel on top for a true home-run dish. But whatever you do, don’t cook your pork or chicken rare — these meats must be cooked completely through in order to avoid health problems with bacteria.

3.) Toasted nuts

Don’t buy fleur de sel and use it just for meat or fish dishes. Finish off some roasted almonds with just a bit of this French salt.

4.) Caramel and chocolate desserts

This is especially the case for chocolate truffles, or homemade caramel candy. Fleur de sel has a strong oceanic taste, which means you definitely don’t want to overwhelm your yummy dessert with too of much of it.

5.) Homemade potato and vegetable chips

If you’ve got a deep fryer and a mandoline slicer, it’s easy to make your own potato, beet, turnip, carrot or sweet potato chips at home. Add fleur de sel at the end for a particularly fancy finish.