LAN Messenger

LAN message– For Office Use

One of the incredible multiple features for the daily use of the LAN messenger application is the ability to incorporate it in your home devices and use it with your family members whenever necessity occurs as well as download it and use it very efficiently at the workplace, with your colleagues, with other employees and why not, even with your boss. Why is this feature important? LAN messenger may very effectively be of service in terms of communication at work when most needed – it saves time, the information is written so it stays there and moreover, the data may be stored so you may revisit whatever you have written any time you want.

Why use this type of messaging in a working environment? It’s simple, effective, if needed, you may as well have a virtual meeting by inviting multiple users into the conversation, so this available system makes it incredible easy for you to broadcast to over 1000 of your clients, if that is the case.

LAN messenger is unquestionably a superior alternative for sending messages in your office network. You may use it for conversation about work related issues, you may send files and documents to your colleagues, even if they are offline. Information as well as files may be received and sent very quickly and probably the most important feature, you do not have to be concerned about privacy, which is among your basic civil rights. So apart from being easy, fast, and flexible, you may be sure that you will not be disappointed when it comes to privacy.

With the high range of functionality, this type of instant messaging is far easier and more flexible too than working with emails. Furthermore, you can adjust it, configure it, and customize it so as to better fit your needs and preferences.