Kids’ favorite times of the year are never over and they have their funny jokes to prove it

It’s not their fault that they believe in fairy tales and ghosts.

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After all, it was you who first told them these tall stories. It’s not their fault that, as their baby teeth falls out one by one, they believe in the tooth fairy. It was you that told them that she is coming. So too, the Easter bunny. Now, many of you will know that he will be hopping mad if you ever tell your kids otherwise. The famous Santa Claus is still coming.

While kids wait patiently for their big fat and lovable father from the North Pole to finally show his largesse in your living room, they’ve been regaling for months on the true existence of the old man and all his fairy friends who keep on bringing them gifts and other nice things at different times of the year. The kids are cute when they are this young. Funny enough, much of their stories have turned to gold. You can be even more proud of them by never forgetting how their stories ended up turning into funny jokes for kids on this site which sent everyone packing, even granny and grandpa.

As the true story goes; kids say the darnedest of things. Before you forget them, you simply have to share them among family and friends. Now you can do this and more by posting their famous quotes on the internet. Now, not only family and friends will be recollecting what kids said before, pretty much all and sundry will be as well. Now, whether these stories were originally funny or not, let this also be a lesson to you.

Be careful what you tell your kids next time.